Britney Spears spoke about the miracle: the return of the nieces from coma

Бритни Спирс рассказала о чуде: возвращении племянницы из комы
Relatives of the girl can be prosecuted.

Britney Spears with her sister Jamie and children

Miracles happen if you believe in them! In this
convinced the family of the niece of Britney Spears 8 — year-old Maddie. Although the doctors did
very pessimistic forecasts about the future of the girl who suffered in
the accident, she suddenly came out of the coma in which he stayed
for almost two days. This was reported in his microblog native Maddie.

“She opened her eyes and could talk!” —
wrote Jamie Spears — the girl’s mother and sister
Britney. “She’s getting better and better! She recognizes us!” happily
reported the girl’s stepfather, James Watson, who is currently
husband Jamie. As for Britney, she agreed with her sister in
assessing the incident as a real miracle in every sense of the word. The singer thanked his fans for
well wishes and asked them not to stop praying about full
the healing of Maddie. “She still needs your help!” — wrote Britney
in his microblog.

Recall that the niece of the singer suffered
when the ATV on which she was driving along the shore, fell into the pond. Maddie
some time spent under water, as was sandwiched splosives frame
the machine, moreover, held it jammed from hitting the seat belt buckle
security. It was returned to life only as a result of resuscitation
treatments arrived on the scene doctors medical aviation. However
more than 48 hours then taken to the hospital Maddie was in a coma.

Now that the worst has passed, and
native girls begin to recover, they will not too pleasant
conversation. Local bodies of guardianship have begun concerning them investigation: the case is,
the adults who were supposed to care about the safety of girls, roughly
broke the rules. According to instructions, to independently control the ATV can
only persons at least 10 years. Otherwise, near
a kid behind the wheel, in the cockpit must be one of