Britney Spears showed training with Sam Asgari

Бритни Спирс показала тренировки с Сэмом Асгари

36-year-old Britney Spears really lucky — her boyfriend like no one shares the passion of the singer sports. Not only do they spend all their time together, but do not neglect the workouts. As seen in the video on instagram, which was uploaded by the singer, the lovers came up with a training plan which involves paired exercises.

Бритни Спирс показала тренировки с Сэмом Асгари

Not only the joint exercise like a pair, but passionate dance that the stars also shared instagram. On his page in the social network Asgari put the video, which launched into a passionate dance with his beloved. Despite his age Britney is in great shape and is not inferior to its inflated boyfriend.

“Look what she makes me do” – signed video Sam.

In the summer the singer will travel to a big tour, which must be prepared both physically and mentally. This helps her young boyfriend.

“Not going to wait until tomorrow to Express my love to that which had been so good to me,” he wrote early on instagram.

We will remind, twelve-year age difference does not bother the singer. During one radio Britney open up and boasted her new handsome boyfriend.
It is known that Spears personally conducted a casting for the filming of their music video, and Sam – a native of Iran, bodybuilder and fitness instructor immediately rushed into her eyes. The singer told how during the filming there was a hitch, and they Asgari left alone in the room. At first it was awkward silence. Neither he nor she could not find common themes, but twenty minutes later they still had to talk.
“Sam didn’t know what kind of person I am, and to me it was not a sign, but in the course of our conversation it became known that we both adore sushi, then some of us joked that it would be nice to go to eat. Sam left his phone number, but I put it in a bag, forgot about it five months, then found this note and decided to call a very nice guy. He was really cute and funny guy”- said Britney.
As it became known, Asgari for nine years, lives in America and works as a personal fitness trainer. About the affair of Sam with Britney began in November last year when he issued a joint photo with Britney on his page in the social network. And despite the fact that the he quickly removed all can see them. A few weeks later, young people no longer hide their feelings for each other.