Britney Spears showed spicy tattoo

Бритни Спирс продемонстрировала пикантные татуировки
The singer was surprised by reckless behavior.

Britney Spears

Photo: @britneyspears Instagram Britney Spears

Britney Spears again surprised numerous fans. Case
that the singer has published in his microblog new images
captured a few new “tattoos” located on her stomach, and
much below that line that strip usually even on the beach. If Britney
was 16, no one would especially not pay attention to her outburst. But Spears
celebrated his 35th birthday! Besides, the singer’s fans felt
this behavior is even more undignified for the mother of two sons — 12-year-old Shawn
Preston and 11-year-old Jayden James.

However, to be surprised by the behavior of Britney, apparently, still
not: after all, according to her friends, Spears lost it completely from
the love of his 23-year-old boyfriend Sam Asgari and behaves like a lover
teen. The singer almost has not parted with Sam, with whom she began
meet last fall. And if the novel Britney will continue to develop so
rapidly, no one will be surprised if she decides to marry him.

However in this scenario there is one major
obstacle. The problem is that Sam does not like Spears father Jamie,
which, incidentally, is her guardian appointed by the court after a long
of a nervous breakdown. And without his consent she is not entitled to make any important
the decision, especially those involving her finances. And Sam suspects that Asgari took up with Britney only because of her
money. Moreover, how did the scout reporter website Jamie even hired a team of private
detectives, that they “dug” in the past Asgari and looked at him
dirt. Than this story will end, time will tell.