Britney Spears showed perfect figure

Бритни Спирс показала безупречную фигуру
The singer was impressed with “cowboy” dance.

Britney Spears and Sam Asgari


It seems that the affair with 22-year-old lover, a novel
which began for Britney Spears last year, after they met on
the filming music video “Slumber
Party”, has brought her undeniable benefits. Never before
35-year-old singer was not in such brilliant shape. Falling in love with Sam
Asgari, interested in bodybuilding, the singer has made every effort to
not look worse than he is. She spent endless hours in the gym, and
the expense of hospital beds, achieved the desired result. If some time ago the fans
Spears reproached her that she processed your images with Photoshop to
look slimmer, now she don’t need.

Britney proved it by sharing a short
a video in which she, dressed in a cowboy suit, consisting of
tiny shorts and hats, and showed the perfect abs and thighs.

Britney last time is almost
constantly in an excellent mood. And in her life. Career in order:
she successfully completes his engagement with Las Vegas. In a relationship with Sam, she also has no problems. As, however, and with her sons
from his marriage with ex-husband Kevin Federline, she also has no problems. 12-year-old
Sean Preston and 11-year-old Jaden are good in school and not to upset Britney.
It is for them and Sam it had been almost a whole day at the stove, nagotove
Thanksgiving mass all sorts of Goodies. Filmed a festive table, the singer boasted of the fruits of their labors, laid out a photo in his microblog. However, she is most
prepared delicacies don’t want to spoil such works “built”

Don’t you just love getting ready for the holidays?? I think I need another pumpkin spice latte ? ?

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