Бритни Спирс заявила, что отец силой удерживал ее в клинике

37-year-old Britney Spears is going through hard times. Most recently, she was discharged from the clinic, which was undergoing psychiatric treatment. Around the incident rumor: the star mother wants to get custody of her; in a mental hospital singer grass. And now the Britney reports that the father force to retain her in the clinic and asks for freedom!

In Los Angeles held a hearing on the case of Brittany, where the star was asked to relax the mother and allow her to cope with some cases. The meeting was held behind closed doors: it was not just the relatives and lawyers. According to TMZ, in court, Spears said that the father forcibly kept her in the clinic and were forced to take drugs.

The lawyer of the mother of Britney, Lynn Spears confirmed the testimony of Britney. But the judge did not make hasty decisions. The version with the forcible retention in the clinic seems shaky — during treatment, the singer once left the institution. Besides legally the father even during the guardianship is not entitled to retain her anywhere by force.

Now Britney needs to undergo a psychiatric examination, and the following court session will take place on September 18.

Recall that in 2008, Britney’s father James, took the daughter into care and pulled her from the abyss, and now Britney can’t get married and give birth to a child without the consent of his father. “Britney will not be able to get married, if James is cool with it. And he is not a supporter of the new marriage of the daughter, because it fears legal problems. Britney wants to have another child, but must obtain the consent of James. She needed freedom, which is natural for a person of her age,” said the insider edition of Us Weekly.

Now the star is Dating Sam Asgari and happy. It is possible that in the near future he wants to propose to his girlfriend. But her ex Kevin Federline greatly influenced the life of the singer. After parting with him at Spears there were significant problems with the law, drugs and alcohol. Despite the unstable state, the father of Britney gives her freedom and keeps her in action. “Britney is grateful to him for space he gives her,” added the insider.

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