Бритни Спирс ответила на требования бывшего мужа

A former companion of Britney Spears continues to push the singer and demand that it increase the amount of child support that Spears has to pay Federline. The artist could not remain silent and commented on the requirements of the former. In addition to the two sons by Spears, Federline has four. Singer reports that the lack of money for the education of six children is not her problem.

Бритни Спирс ответила на требования бывшего мужа

The source reports that Britney is experiencing due to the current situation. “She just wants everything resolved as soon as possible. But give up she will not. Britney is worried that if they agree now to increase the amount of child support, who will give a guarantee that Kevin will stop there and next time will ask her for more money?” they say.

Says close to the star source, the Britney spends on the maintenance of children not more than the amount that is paid to Federlegno, therefore, sure to increase the alimony is not necessary. The singer is sure that the money is needed the former for his family. “By law, both parents must contribute to the education of children. Where the contribution Federline?” she says.

Recall, Federline believes that the money that he pays the ex-wife, is not enough to support two children — 12-year-old Shauna and 11-year-old Jayden. The court’s decision the children live with the father and the mother only visits them a couple of times a week and sometimes leaves to spend the night at home. This time it requires even more money!

Lawyer Federline claims that the father of the children must receive a minimum of three times the amount that he pays Britney now. He’s serious and going to do everything that his client got what he wanted. “We gave them (lawyers Britney Spears. — Approx. ed.), enough time that they decided to increase the amount of child support, but they came back with a completely irrational response. They don’t want to give financial information to Britney, including tax returns, as required by the Family code of California. And this is not some California code celebrity, and she’ll have to obey him. But we remain open to resolve this issue without judicial intervention,” — said the lawyer Federlajna mark Vincent Kaplan.

Previously Federline monthly amount requested to double. However, Britney to cave in to demands is not going and decided to find out what her ex-boyfriend spends the money paid. Father Spears — Jamie — was to support his daughter and the accused dancer in the greed and does not intend to be led by the former son-in-law.