Britney Spears remembered the old scandal

Бритни Спирс припомнили былой скандал
At the auction exhibited the evidence of her violent antics.

Бритни Спирс припомнили былой скандал

At the auction, which will be held in Los Angeles,
appears curious lot. It has already been dubbed “the artifact of pop culture”. It
is the umbrella that Britney Spears in your
the time smashed the car of the paparazzi.

The owner of this “relics”, photographer Daniel Ramos — the same machine
which once suffered from the umbrella singer. “It was a hard moment in her
life. Unfortunately, her nervous breakdown was very public and was captured
the photo for history…” — said Ramos. Daniel decided that he now has moral
the right to recall this story, because Britney has already recovered from his

The scandalous story with the singer in 2007. Then Spears was going through the climax of his
her divorce from her husband and father of her two sons with Kevin Federline. In addition, as
claimed she was fascinated by the use of tablets narcotic
action. Stress and drugs led to her breakdown. The first signs appeared
a few days before the attack on the car. Then reason, she shaved her head
unsheathed, and then cried for a long time at the hair salon in front of the mirror
saying: “now What you gonna do to me my mommy…” And in the day of his antics with the umbrella, she managed to see
Federline, a meeting which finally brought her off.

When Britney noticed at the gas station the car
the paparazzi followed her car, Spears ran to her, shouting something
incoherent, and began to Bang on the glass until her umbrella not broken… And when
she left the scene, Ramos picked up her umbrella and retained in memory.

Now Britney is in order. It perfectly
looks, works, the singer signed a contract for performances in Las Vegas and deals with their sons. Besides, Spears is happy and in his personal life, she’s Dating Sam Asgari.