Britney Spears made a splash on award Billboard Music Award

Бритни Спирс произвела фурор на премии Billboard Music Award
The singer became the main heroine of the gala night.

Бритни Спирс произвела фурор на премии Billboard Music Award

Britney Spears

Photo: Splash News/East news

After the ceremony
award Billboard
Music Award, Britney Spears has become one of the most
discuss media persons in the media. The reasons for this were many — the outfit of the singer
on the red carpet, enchanting performance, and the honorary prize, which
received Britney’s. But about all under the order.

The mere appearance of
Spears on the red carpet before the ceremony deserves a separate
attention. The singer shone in front of the camera in a very candid
outfit. On Britney sported a lace bodysuit, which shines through
underwear of the performer. The clothing of the singer were easy to take
for underwear, the situation was only saved by the train that ran over a passing
photographers Topless Britney.

A little later, dressed
in concert dress, Spears staged a spectacular performance. The singer performed a medley
of his old songs, which lasted more than eight minutes. The song was accompanied by a very energetic dance. Even the most cranky viewers
appreciated the efforts of Britney’s dignity. At the end of the performance the audience exploded
with a standing ovation.

And after a while
the singer, again changing the outfit was again on the concert hall
Las Vegas. This time not to speak, and to receive an honorary award
— Billboard Millennium Award. Britney handed the statuette for outstanding achievement
in career and influence on the music industry. This award and special award
not every year — prior to that, she was given only Beyonce and Whitney Houston.

The winner in
the main event of the evening — “Best artist of the year” became Adele. By the way,
the British singer got three more figurines in the other categories. Among the best
performers-men was Justin Bieber. Six times has received attention
jury of the musical group the
But Taylor swift got only one award — “Best touring artist.”

Britney Spears

Photo: Splash News/East news

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