Britney Spears made a shocking confession

Бритни Спирс сделала шокирующее признание
The singer told how she “relaxed” before.

Britney Spears


a recent TV show famous entertainer Jonathan Ross, Britney Spears
stunned the audience with an unexpected statement. The singer revealed that when she was
17 years old , she was already Smoking pot! However, since then, according to 34-year-old Spears, she left the habit.

most recently, she was able to remember already thoroughly forgotten her feelings.
The fact is that during one of her last concerts in Las Vegas, the audience
so hard was Smoking “weed” that the concentration of drug smoke in the air
the concert hall was just dangerous. “I
she did not smoke years with 17, and has already managed to wean from the effects of “grass”. But
the end of one of my last show, I appeared on the scene, suddenly realized that I inhaled
smoke and are “dazed”, and I “took” so much that I
panicked. “God, I can’t finish a concert I have to go until it
doesn’t end badly…” — I thought then…” — said Britney. Fortunately, Spears
still managed to pull myself together and
safely conclude.

that Spears never mentioned his bad habit. And this, of course
well, not by accident. After all, if she admitted to drug use when
was still quite young, its unspoiled image of the girl — a worthy example for the younger
generation, carefully cultivated, she and her Manager would be
destroyed once and for all. Now, as decided, Spears, her reputation is as strong
she can’t damage any recognition of the “sins of youth”.