Бритни Спирс готовится к свадьбе
The singer decided to get married in Las Vegas.

Бритни Спирс готовится к свадьбе

Britney Spears


Sam Asgari

Photo: Instagram

As it became known, Britney Spears full swing planning the wedding with his
young boyfriend Sam Asgari. As said one friend of the singer, Britney
decided to get married in Las Vegas. Star has decided that he wants
to arrange a modest ceremony at which were present as little as possible
people — ideally, only she
fiance. The actress admitted that she wants the wedding day was their only Sam and holiday. Currently, the singer and her favorite think through the details of the ceremony
and composing the wedding vows.

However, before Britney will go down the aisle, she has to solve difficult and not too pleasant task. The fact that her father James, who is
guardian of the singer, demands that Sam had signed a prenuptial agreement. It
believes that is simply obliged to protect 200 million state daughter. And Britney,
who is madly in love with Asgari, afraid to offend the groom this requirement.

Recall: the engagement of the spear and Asgari became known recently.
Joining Britney who was vacationing with his sons in the Hawaiian Islands,
Sam proposed to her, giving betrothal ring with a large
diamond. Marriage Asgari will be the third to Britney: she managed
to visit married to Jason Alexander and then Kevin Federline,
the father of her sons.