Britney Spears is going to adopt

Бритни Спирс собирается удочерить
The singer will bring up three children alone.

Britney Spears with sons

Photo: Splash News/East news

As reported by the overseas weekly “National Enquirer”, Britney Spears intends to expand the composition of their family.
She wants to adopt a little girl. Britney, allegedly shared his
plans with one of her friends, and she, in turn, told reporter

That Spears dreams about her daughter, the singer mentioned not
times. Although Britney already has two children from her second husband Kevin Federline’s ,
they are both boys. Sean has 10 years old, and Jaden is nine. And Britney is always so
wanted a girl… And the singer decided that she wanted a foster child certainly
the African nation of Malawi, the same one where Madonna found just two
their foster children — a son a Gang and daughter mercy. Spears explained his decision:
she wants to give at least one child from a very poor country and education
normal upbringing.

Thus my whole “team” of kids she is going
to raise remains as a single mother. The fact that the last time personal
life Britney develops not too successfully. In particular, two of its latest
the novel brought her a lot more grief than joy. Besides, her
love story with a Bank employee David Lucado lasted only a year and a half, and with TV producer Charlie Ebersol to her
had to break up after a relationship that did not last one year.

And, as the singer admits, she grew tired of the constant
disappointment and decided to be alone. Besides, as told by the singer in
one of his last interviews, from his parenting time, she
would like in the near future to devote to the work. The fact that Spears wants
finally, to complete their new album. However, when he sees the light, while the singer
can’t tell. “How long do I still need a few months or a year, I
I don’t know. But I firmly believe that they are going to do it right!” — said Britney.

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