Britney Spears is afraid to return to Las Vegas

Бритни Спирс боится возвращаться в Лас-Вегас
The singer wants to terminate his contract.

Britney Spears


Britney Spears has admitted that she was
deeply shocked by the tragedy happened in Las Vegas. On the one hand, as
says the singer, “her heart overflowing with sympathy for the victims and their
families.” But Spears, to the same, so
scared that he was afraid to even think about having to return to the city where
Stephen Paddock made his senseless and bloody act, killing nearly 60 and
injuring more than 500 people.

The heart is 35-year-old Britney is gone, but it does
can’t bring myself to go back to Vegas, where she will, according to
the contract, to give a series of concerts. She is terrified at the thought of that
that she would have to speak in front of a huge crowd, the same kind of shot
Paddock. The singer feels a fear so strong that, despite its inevitable
financial losses, it is ready
to terminate the contract. And in an extreme case, if she is not able to come to
acceptable agreement with representatives of Caesars Palace and concert hall, where she performs Spears
want to request to increase the number of security guards in the hall four times.

By the way, people close to Britney
support her intention. And her father Jamie, and boyfriend Sam Asgari together
trying to dissuade the singer from returning to Las Vegas, considering that no matter what precautions may be taken, it will not they feel safe. Curiously, not all
artists performing at Caesars Palace, responded to the tragic events
the same as Spears. For example, Celine Dion returned just 2 days after the tragedy.
“I will not allow myself to be intimidated!” — because the singer commented on his action.