Britney Spears is afraid of losing young boyfriend

Бритни Спирс боится потерять молодого бойфренда

Fans of Britney Spears are worried about the future. Given that, what are the problems in his personal life was the singer for several years, they fear that in the case of new boyfriend, disaster is inevitable. Some foreign media said that Spears was going to marry her boyfriend who is 12 years younger than her. The reason for such a quick wedding was called pregnancy Spears.

Yet neither Britney nor his representatives this information is not commented on, but in the meantime, the network appeared new information. Insiders said that Britney is now experiencing a very exciting period: it is both happy and afraid that Sam Asgari cast.

“Britney realizes that Sam is younger than it for 12 years, say the informants. Plus, he’s incredibly attractive. She’s worried that she can fall in love with someone your own age.” Well, of course, this possibility can not be excluded. Those close to the actor believe that Asgari is generally no sincere feelings with Britney and he uses it only for the sake of PR and self promotion.

Recall that the last few novels of the singer greatly undermined her self-esteem: “When I once again was left alone and started Dating, I realized that, despite its popularity, not all men are willing to join with me in relationship. And, to my great regret, most of those who I really liked, were not ready to continue communicating with me,” admitted the singer in one of his last interviews.