Britney Spears has unveiled the young lover

Бритни Спирс рассекретила молодого возлюбленного The singer confirmed relationship with 23-year-old male model, starring in her video for the song “Slumber Party”. Apparently, the artist is crazy about his second half. According to rumors, Sam Asgari has already Packed up and moved to a luxurious house stars.

      Бритни Спирс рассекретила молодого возлюбленного

      Recently there were rumors that 35-year-old Britney Spears happy in a relationship with 23-year-old male model and bodybuilder Sam Asgari, who was born in Iran. Is the celebrity preferred not to comment on the numerous speculation. Only recently, Britney issued a joint photo with a young man.

      Sources close to the celebrity say that she is in seventh heaven. Western tabloids write about that Asgari has moved to its second half, and at the moment the lovers live in a house of Britney in Las Vegas. According to rumors, the couple spent the Christmas holidays together.

      Бритни Спирс рассекретила молодого возлюбленного

      Sam Asgari starred in the video for Britney Spears for the song “Slumber Party”, recorded together with Tinashe. Rumors about the affair of the actress and model appeared after Sam issued a joint photo with the star and then removed. His act, a young man provoked many speculation and discussion. Fans of Spears literally “inundated” him with questions about whether he’s in a relationship with the artist. Searing brunette chose to ignore these comments.

      Recall that the fascination with Sam Asgari is not the first office romance Britney Spears. Previously, the celebrity was seriously in love with Kevin Federline. Three months after Dating, the couple announced their engagement. Kevin’s wedding and Britney was held in the house of a friend of the singer. Seven months after the wedding she announced that is in an interesting position. In 2005, the star gave birth to a boy, whom they named Sean Preston. One year later, Spears gave wife second son Jayden James, and a few months after the completion of the family filed for divorce. Then Britney said about the irreconcilable contradictions of her husband.

      Spears extremely difficult survived the spat with Federlajnom who wanted to sue her huge fortune and sons. The actress went through a rough patch, and for a long time her name flashed on the front pages of the tabloids. The whole world was discussing the scandalous behavior of the star. However, with time Britney and Kevin were able to resume a good relationship. At the moment, the ex-spouses share custody of the children and periodically try to reconnect for heirs.