Britney Spears has eyes for brad pitt

Бритни Спирс положила глаз на Брэда Питта

Britney Spears has recently confessed that she is desperate to find her man. The singer admitted that she was not lucky in matters of the heart, but what is the cause, she can not understand.

About the inability to find the perfect man, Spears said when the divorce of brad pitt and Angelina Jolie have not yet been announced. And so, when this news was published in all the world’s media, Britney makes a new confession – she was always in love with actor and now she has a chance to get it.

Note that in the heart of pitt Britney will have to compete with Hollywood star Jennifer garner.

Still the wife of Ben Affleck stated that also always had special feelings for his colleague. Garner went on Spears and even announced that she is already in a relationship with brad. Of course, it was a joke. Apparently, Jennifer so quipped unscrupulous wordsmiths who day after day she is credited with some unrealistic and totally untrue stories.

However, no matter how many beautiful women are not surrounded by brad pitt, who’s in a too bad mood to draw someone’s attention. The actor even admitted to his friends that now, not ready ever to marry again, because it doesn’t lead to anything good.