Бритни Спирс попросила бывшего мужа стать донором для ЭКО

Britney Spears decided to become a mother for the third time. No, this does not mean that the life of the pop Princess has a new man who calls her to marry and wants to have a child with her. Britney, apparently, like to mark their rake, because of another child she wants to give birth to the father of their two boys – Kevin Federlayna.

According to sources who told this sensational news to the press, Spears has already communicated with her ex-husband on this subject, but so far no decision was taken.

Note that married Caveda, which is now, incidentally, married, Spears is not going to. From her ex-husband, just have that its a biomaterial, because the child she wants to conceive with IVF, and to raise him as a single mother.

“Father persuades Britney to Wake up and find an anonymous donor, but she insists that they have with Kevin is very very cute sons, and she is sure that it is the best solution in the case with my daughter — She dreams about the girl,” explained the source.

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