Britney Spears has a new sexy boyfriend

Бритни Спирс нашла себе нового сексапильного бойфренда
A new friend of the pop star happens to be a fan of Dwayne Johnson.

Britney Spears and Sam Asgari

Photo: @SlaveForUBrit Twitter

Fans of Britney Spears intrigued:
looks like she had a new boyfriend, and very attractive. About it
according to the Internet website

It all started with the fact that 34-year-old Britney invited
to star in his new music video the rising star of the fashion business Sam
Asgari. But in the process their
the relationship became more informal. And, as it turned out, one of
evenings great weekend on the occasion of Thanksgiving, Sam and Britney spent
together, he invited her for a romantic dinner at a Japanese restaurant. About it
it became known after Asgari posted on his microblog a photo:
he is depicted in the arms of a pop star. However, after fans of Britney
began animatedly to discuss new boyfriend Spears, he deleted this picture.
Handsome Sam, by his own admission, very shy…

About Sam
yet known not too much. He is
an Iranian by birth, came to America 9 years ago. Their idol,
inspired him to pursue bodybuilding, which he has made an impressive
results, Asgari believes Dwayne Johnson — the former wrestler, now a successful
actor. Sam, who is still labor in the modeling business, she also wants to be
actor and has managed to acquire an agent. In addition, as it became known, Asgari loves
Golf, animals and girls involved in fitness. So Britney, which
now is in excellent shape — just his type.

As for Spears, who was brutally
disappointed the last two novels and more recently claimed
she was tired of men and is not interested in the search for a new partner —
she, apparently, just could not resist the sexy Sam…