Бритни Спирс кривляется после терапии

Doubt the mental health of Britney Spears? 37-year-old singer proves to instagram that is now undergoing treatment and feeling much better! The singer is not averse to wriggle for the camera after a session.

Бритни Спирс кривляется после терапии

“After therapy and a period when you were serious, especially nice to get a little ridiculous,” wrote the star under the video.

According to the Manager of the star, the poor condition could and does become a point in the career of Britney.
“Britney’s serious emotional problems that can be solved with drugs alone. As if she’s not in control of his emotions. Jump mood: it’s all good, then awful again,” said the insider.

The insider reported that drugs that Spears took a long time do not help. “There is no doubt that she needs to take medication again to attempt to find a balance. It’s very scary when the meds don’t work. Spears daily experienced a range of emotions. Now she is very lethargic and depressed. Sometimes she is like a zombie. There’s no life and definitely no passion. It’s very sad.”

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