Бритни Спирс закрутила роман со своим телохранителем

Many fans would like to see Britney Spears happy and I think at the moment it is most close to this. The singer’s career is restored, the Britney back to its former beautiful shape, the artist children happy and healthy. Missing in this list only men who would add the life of the singer new colors.

But informants claim that at this time Britney is not free.

Supposedly settled there bodygurad Spears, which she really likes. The Britney conceals even the name of her lover, and especially do not comment. However, not long ago, Spears has published a photo, which shows together with their sons, Sean and Jayden, as well as with the security guard – a beautiful, dark man of athletic build.

Recall that after the divorce with Kevin Federline all the novels singer ended in nothing. She spent two years meeting with his agent Jason Travicom. The couple even announced their engagement but before the wedding it never came. After breaking up with Travicom the singer was sad not for long. She began a new relationship with a lawyer Davidem Lucado, who also made Spears the offer, but there is family happiness was not to be.

Hopefully, the new lover will be able to light a Britney new.

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