Britney Spears decided to have a child from a young lover

Бритни Спирс решила завести ребенка от молодого любовника
The singer is ready again to become a mother.

Бритни Спирс решила завести ребенка от молодого любовника

Britney Spears and Sam Asgari

Photo: @britneyspears (Instagram Britney Spears)

36-year-old Britney Spears decided to have a baby from her 23-year-old boyfriend Sam Asgari. She has managed to discuss their
the intention with Sam, and he also confirmed his readiness to be a father.
This was one of the friends of the singer told the reporter edition of US Weekly.

The actress, giving birth to sons in his youth, sure I’m ready to become the best mom in the world right now. So
since Britney gave birth to children — 12-year-old Shauna and 11-year-old Jayden from his ex-wife of Kevin Federline she really has changed and matured. The singer managed to cope with the consequences of his nervous breakdown which she suffered
in 2008, when she obrilsya cut, smashed umbrella in the car Park and locked
in the bathroom, refusing to come out.

Nerves, long Spears came up. It is a lot
works: for the last 4 years only in the framework of her residency in Las Vegas, the singer
gave 248 show. This summer, the Spears will go on a tour, during which
will work not less than 28 performances. And star looks amazing. She
constantly bragging about their achievements in terms of physical shape — laying
all the new photos on his page in the social network. Moreover, according to herself
the singer, their appearance, she owes Sam. Firstly because he, like
a professional bodybuilder, encourages her classes in the gym. And secondly, it is experiencing a second youth thanks to its
loves. However, the wedding Sam until
talks, but opposed to Spears happy child, he is not

Britney Spears with sons

Photo: @britneyspears (Instagram Britney Spears)