Бритни Спирс встретила Новый Год в объятьях молодого любовника
The singer is not even trying to hide his feelings for the sultry beauty.

Britney Spears and Sam Asgari

Photo: @britneyspears Instagram Britney Spears

Guests gathered in the night
club Catch
Los Angeles, was amazed when continuously kissing and animalsas
a couple of very Britney Spears and her new boyfriend Sam Asgari. It is here, in
the company of her new lover, the singer and met the New Year. This was announced
edition pagesix.com.

The first time, when I
began to spread rumors about the new novel Britney, nobody wanted to believe that
Sam and Spears really are. When the Network appeared the first photos of Britney
with Asgari, all agreed that it is just about business cooperation, because the Sam
starred in her music videos Slumber Party. But for a first date followed
second, then the third…

Now no one doubts
that Asgari has indeed become a boyfriend 35-year-old Spears. By the way, still
recently Britney was complaining how she is tired of their failed romances, and how
irritate men, “who are always trying to play with it in some games.” “I would like to find a really good
guy. I’m afraid that such will not find in our world…” — complained the singer. And now,
maybe something happened that she thought was almost unbelievable – it gained as
once a guy in the face of Sam?

Recall that Asgari, Iranian
by birth, came to America 9 years ago. Sam is much younger than Britney,
he loves bodybuilding and is very popular with the Los Angeles beauties.
Asgari hopes to make a career in show business. And, quite possibly, he
this will succeed because the clip of Britney was the second music video for the year in which
he has starred. Before Sam appeared in the music video of the popular band Fifth Harmony
– at the invitation of one of the singers.