Бритни Спирс бойкотирует судебную тяжбу с экс-супругом
The singer believes the former husband an extortionist.

Бритни Спирс бойкотирует судебную тяжбу с экс-супругом

Britney Spears


Britney Spears and her guardian — father Jamie ignored
the first court session in the case filed against the singer, her ex-husband
Kevin Federline, which requires a significant increase in benefits for children. Lawyer
Kevin — mark Kaplan — have already
to protest about the lack of meeting the opposite side and warned
all court costs will be borne by Britney. Kaplan said he intends
to ensure that Spears was ordered to appear in court to testify in the case. However,
according to experts, this would be very difficult. Because the law Britney,
under the tutelage of his father after a long time ago of a nervous breakdown, I can’t
be forced to testify against her will.

Spears does not hide his indignation of this
history and considers the actions Federline as a direct extortion. After the divorce, she pays monthly, Kevin, their two total
sons, Sean and Godena — 20 thousand dollars a month. But Federline
wanted more: he demanded triple payment, bringing them up to 60 thousand. Britney said that he sees no reason to increase the original amount.
Moreover, she was sure that Kevin will not be able to account for even spending 20
thousand. The singer has openly hinted that he suspects Kevin that
receive from money lives, the whole family Federline, and their boys
get only “crumbs”. (Recall, after the divorce from Spears, Kevin married and he and
he had two daughters — Payton and Jordan. Federline in addition, he has two children from former girlfriend Shar Jackson — sons
Cory and Caleb).

When Spears refused, Kevin, at his request, he sued her in court. However
Britney did not seem too concerned by this turn of Affairs. Instead
to go through the courts, she quietly went to a concert tour. It’s called “Piece of Me” and was announced in
January of this year. During the tour, Spears will perform live not
only in the US but also in Europe.

Kevin Federline with children