Бритни Спирс оголила грудь во время концерта The star of the world pop scene, regularly performing her show Piece of Me. Concert in Maryland the audience will be remembered especially, because Britney Spears has shown the public more than they planned, even the most intimate parts of the body.
Бритни Спирс оголила грудь во время концерта

Pop diva Britney Spears has signed a two-year contract to tour the native American program “Piece of Me” (Part of me) and now committed almost every day, delighting fans of the emotional hour show. It seems that the concert in Eastern Maryland especially remembered by the fans. During the performance Britney was spicy incident. And without that sexy costume for a few minutes was frankly erotic – during the energetic dance Britney suddenly bared that part of his chest, which was covered with a bra.

37-year-old Britney sang the song finished the room and then gently straightened his suit.

Бритни Спирс оголила грудь во время концерта

During his long career, Britney Spears often and clearly to shock the audience, now the audience is rather surprised, if everything is smooth and okay. Despite the fact that the singer rarely gives rise to the scandalous Chronicles of her life in relative peace and quiet.

Now Britney Spears is waiting for the court to decide the issue of custody. Former singer’s husband and father of her children Kevin Federline claims to increase the amount of child support. While Britney ignores meeting. The singer, after a nervous breakdown herself like a child – she is officially under the guardianship of the father, that is, cannot testify in court, if you do not want. Anyway, Spears believes that there is no reason to pay the former more than he gets now. She’s pretty sure that 20 thousand dollars Federline contains not only their sons, but the whole extended family. Kevin has only six children from different marriages.