Britney Spears attended the ceremony in their underwear

Бритни Спирс приехала на церемонию в нижнем белье

The singer at the Billboard Music Awards was more naked than dressed.

On Sunday the awards ceremony Billboard magazine, the singer walked down the red carpet, causing the surprise of the audience and the frenetic activity of photographers in front of an audience Britney has not yet appeared.

Recent healthy and sporty lifestyle, the 34-year-old star began to bear fruit – Britney came in great shape and seem to have decided that such beauty can hide unbecoming, arriving at the ceremony in underwear, boots and braided lace bodysuit, equipped with a very impressive train. According to witnesses who observed the arrival of the singer at the ceremony, several people helped her to get out of the limo to Britney not entangled in his dress.

Britney this evening, opened the ceremony, performing a medley of their hits, but this was not the only reason for her appearance on the stage this evening, she was awarded the prestigious Millenium award, which had previously been awarded to beyoncé and Whitney Houston.

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