Britney Spears almost disgraced on stage

Бритни Спирс чуть не опозорилась на сцене
Singer again brought her suit.

Бритни Спирс чуть не опозорилась на сцене

On one of his last
concerts in the concert hall in the casino of Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas with Britney Spears
happened extremely unpleasant story. Due to a problem with her stage
suit, the singer almost lost part of his toilet. This was announced
newspaper the

Fiery dance, which Spears
accompanied the performance of one of his songs, almost ended
embarrassment. Clasp top
costume the 34-year-old singer, which consisted of shorts and embellished
metal plates wall,
undone. And Britney only at the last moment managed
catch eludes her an item that threatened her to be on stage with
To honor Spears, she responded like a real professional. Britney no
a moment interrupted his show. And hurried to her aid the young people of her
dancers helped Britney to bring suit in order. The audience
responded to the incident by whistling and thunderous applause. And some
began to demand the repetition of this moment on “encore”.

By the way, this story
befall with Spears is not the first time since she got the contract
in Las Vegas. The most embarrassing incident of this kind happened to her in the past
year, when during the show burst located on the rear of zipper, revealing not only
the back and part of the body a little lower. Then even the backing dancers couldn’t help
singer, but she still somehow managed to finish the song and ran backstage
to change your costume.

Бритни Спирс чуть не опозорилась на сцене