British tabloid staged a provocation against Lazarev before the final

Британский таблоид устроил провокацию против Лазарева накануне финала

The Sun came out with a headline promising to disclose a porn past Russian party. The article has a mix of everything: questionable: nudity, conspiracy of Kremlin and other branchy cranberry.

They (British journalists) is called the material a sensational and revelatory. So, there is a photo on it – a naked man resembling Lazarev, sitting on a table covered with Newspapers. In his hands he saw. In the background chained to the radiator girl in torn pantyhose. Journalist the Sun pumps:

“Favorite of “Eurovision” was in a porn scandal after it emerged a fetish-pictures”.

The author of the text insists that the photo depicts exactly what our singer Sergey Lazarev. After all the laws of the genre: the conspiracy theory. Sounds disturbing music, narration: Russia did not know about the existence of these pictures until a month before the start of the international vocal contest of pictures snapped, and then Russia have employed computer geniuses to destroy the pictures. But they did not succeed.

Kind of like a “press Secretary of the delegation,” even commented on these images, they say, they were made in 2008 in the framework of the fight against domestic violence. But, as far as we know, at the moment, our side did not react to this case. And posts such as “press Secretary of the delegation” does not exist.

But Hey, it’s still not all. Most interesting, the party accused that he copied the music, the staging and techniques of the most successful performances of previous years to “look European.”

“The Kremlin has spent millions of rubles on an ex-gymnast (perhaps the journalists were confusing the part of Sergei in the show “Circus with stars” – Ed.) from the simple to the winner of the national song contest to turn it into an ideal material for the contest. They copied all the achievements of the participants of the contest from past years, including interactive video background, last year’s winner. Russia has spent an absolute fortune on Sergei in a desperate attempt to win this year”.

The “millions” they look especially funny on the background of the story with tickets in business class on a plane to Stockholm that Philip paid himself. In fact, the journey of the artist for the “Eurovision” takes place not at the expense of the Russian budget, but at the expense of the organizer. In this case, RTR – channel which broadcasts the competition in Russia. The amount of money is limited. To help you understand, Lazarev and Kirkorov was going to send to the competition in economy class, and to settle in a “three star” hotel. Then Philip decided to pick up the expenses for comfortable living for themselves.

“I’m doing this at their own expense and realize the importance of such work, – he explained then “StarHit”. — Probably, if to compare with the Olympic games is how to be a coach of the national team. My participation in “Eurovision” – is a social activity, my contribution to the positive perception of our country in the promotion of our culture and performers in Europe.”

That meant journalists, God knows. However, in the material the author does not refer to one real source, and the person depicted in the picture, has only a distant resemblance to the Russian singer. The material is so abundantly covered cranberries that it is impossible to imagine that someone might believe. On the eve of the final of this strange publication looks obvious provocation.

While neither Sergey Lazarev, nor his representatives this publication do not comment. I hope she will not spoil the mood of our singer, and in the final he will prove the performance, why he is the favorite of this contest.

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