British pop group accused Lena Temnikova plagiarism

Британская поп-группа обвинила Лену Темникову в плагиате

Towards the end of last year, Elena Temnikova, has unveiled its new track – a song called “Pulse of the city.” The song was recorded in the manner of Temnikovo and seemed completely matched it. In no time the song took pride of place in many Russian charts and long enough had stayed there. Few would have thought that this hit is a plagiarism. However, it turned out well. At least users of the Network, and in particular, the group filed for violation of copyright, exactly what you think.

Lena’s video was blocked by Youtube with the phrase “Video no longer available due to allegations of copyright infringement received from “National music publishing””. Apparently, copyright infringement, said the British group Gorgon City. The single is very much reminiscent of their song No More.

Temnikova on these events and the actions of YouTube, reacted very sharply. “You judge on education or you have the court’s decision have? No — do not write nonsense”, — she wrote to his followers, to show discontent.

What is the fate of “Pulse of the city” will learn this later. It seems to us, litigation is inevitable.

What do you think about this? Any similar songs?