British journalists: “Russia is the favorite, no surprises here”

Британские журналисты: «Россия – фаворит, тут без сюрпризов»

In Europe, seem to appreciate the chances of Sergey Lazarev on the victory.

In Stockholm ended the first semi-final of the main song contest of Europe. Watched him closely in the media of the participating countries. And I must say, there was no one who would have appreciated the low number of party of Russia of Sergey Lazarev. The fact that our singer went to the finals, the largest publication in the UK, such as the Gardian and Independent, called expected, and in relation to Lazarus used the short “well, it is, of course, the favorite of the competition”.

“Russia took the second place last year and was not completely satisfied with the results, writes The Telegraph. — This year they sent Sergei and approached the matter seriously. All these thunder and lightning – it was interesting. Whether they will win? Well, they have voices of their former republics. But we still more like the Netherlands.”

The UK Metro has released an article with the headline “Russia showed why they are favorites of “Eurovision”.

The author of the article, which is entirely devoted to Lazarus, enthusiastically writes: “In the room used the most sophisticated effects and latest technical developments of those that have ever seen on the music scene. All together with the climbing “mountains” and artist in lying the center of the wall makes an impression. The interaction between Sergei and his four dancers brilliantly. How they are still working with effects, even more incredible! It’s like a sci-Fi film, hard to believe that this three-minute live performance”.

But nice to read this against us, right?

But the wings Sergei that appear at the beginning of the room, reminded the Europeans… the room of Conchita Wurst. Like, it’s the image which helped to defeat the representative of Austria in 2014. Well, don’t know. The maximum that is possible is to correlate them with the phrase “to be reborn like a Phoenix”. Well, like the Phoenix bird, wings, apparently, this is a vision of associative array.

It should be noted that all praise is absolutely deserved. Lazarev and his team have worked very hard over the room, Sergey admitted to us in an interview:

“A room requires a lot of endurance. No one with a stick on me was not controlling my training, I’m still a artist adult, experienced and self-critical. You know where you need to beef up and where to lose weight”.

Already during rehearsals in Stockholm occurred state of emergency: the singer slipped and fell from a meter height, but, fortunately, escaped with only minor fright.

First results: what are the odds to win, in your opinion, Sergey Lazarev?

  • Stand in the top three: unlikely to allow Russia to win
  • Ukraine didn’t make the final, really, put aside politics and appreciate the song? Then we have all the chances to win!
  • His room was the best, by far, will win!
  • Likely to be in the top five and win Netherlands
  • Write your variant in comments

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