Яркие наряды звезд на самой стильной вечеринке ММКФ. Фотогалерея
Christina Aguilera, Laysan utiasheva, Natalia Bardot and other celebrities attended a gala dinner.

Photo: Alexander Camber

In an elite restaurant in the center of Moscow in the framework of the MIFF-2018
InStyle Gala Dinner was held. Gala dinner visited Svetlana Bondarchuk,
Laysan utiasheva, Natalia Bardo, Christina Aguilera and other celebrities.

Honorary guests of the event were American
filmmaker Darren Aronofsky and French actor Sami Naseri. 29-year-old actress
Yana GOE, which debuted at the Moscow International film festival
of the Director, received from the hands of the chief
InStyle editor’s award as a representative of the new generation of Russian
cinema. That is the Russian actress, born in China, right
after finishing school went to study in Russia. At the 40th Moscow international film festival she presented
our country in the competition program of the film “Nude”. The statue was for Instyle
directed by debutant first professional award.

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Each artist who attended the party, sought to look
this evening flawlessly. And it was easy, because all of the images for the guests prepared in advance
this journal became the official stylist of the festival-40. The event was hosted by Lipa Teterich. For music
the gala dinner answered Cyril Richter and soloists of the “Fruits”. Last
made all the congregation to come out from behind the desks- star guests are unable
to resist and not to dance under incendiary songs of the band.