Яркие и кровавые 80-е: появился первый трейлер нового сезона «Американской истории ужасов»

In the Network appeared the first trailer for the ninth season of the horror channel FX’s “American horror story”. New part received a laconic title “1984”.

The video was recently posted on the YouTube channel “Rotten Tomatoes TV”. Judging from the style and titles of the new season, events will occur in the 80-ies of the last century. The main “stage” the actions at this time – summer camp, the main characters – three friends (Cody fern, Emma Roberts and Billy LURD), which came to rest. But hurt their quality time maniac psychopath escaped from a psychiatric hospital nearby and planning a “massacre”. A few years ago, he’s already killed several visitors to the camp.

As befits a show of this genre, the events in the season will be quite bloody and exciting. So that’s that, and to keep the voltage “American horror story” knows, one has only to recall the previous seasons.

It is known that the ninth part will incorporate elements of the classic horror films of the 1980-ies (like “Friday the 13th” and “Halloween”).

Unfortunately for fans, the new season will not appear on the favorites — actors Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson. We will add, that they were the only actors who participated in every season of “American horror story” before, and almost always played the leading role. Evan Peters explained his lack of that “dark” role, leave it on a bad “track”, so he needs a break. Although, as suggested by fans, care may be associated with rupture of relations with another horror star Emma Roberts. Their relationship began on set, and in season 4 of “freak show” — they even played a couple.

We will remind, “American horror story” is a TV show is an anthology, each season of which is designed as an independent mini-series based on different sets of characters and locations, as well as with its own story. Some plot elements for each season is inspired by real events.

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