Bride Timothy dot the “i” in the discussion of the break-up with rapper

Невеста Тимати расставила точки над «i» в обсуждении разрыва с рэпером
Model said the news about the problems in the relationship with the artist.

Timothy and Anastasia Reshetova


For several days, the Network has discussed the gap of Anastasia Reshetova with Timothy. Rumors that the model is preparing to sever ties with the rapper appeared with an enviable regularity the last two weeks (after the scandal at the MUZ-TV). Then fans spotted that a couple of the “unsubscribed” from each other in social networks. Their microblogging disappeared rare pictures.

Timothy ignored numerous publications in the media about his separation from Reshetovaa, but Anastasia commented on the rumors about the problems in his personal life.

“New beliefs of a society increasingly given to understand that their virtual life takes precedence sometimes even on real life. Live updates in the tape and expose all for show I’m still not going to. People sometimes do not understand the limited concepts that the regular photo with his other half, the huskies and subscribe to each other — this is not necessarily indicators of the presence of a happy personal life. I have this understanding about it, — says Anastasia. — Please do not climb in my life and not to spread tales. I have all consistently good!”

Incidentally, on the eve Reshetova boasted a new luxury car that she apparently gave the rapper. According to the fans, Timothy “make amends” in front of your favorite guilty expensive gift (in the sources it is reported that donated the jeep may be worth about 20 million rubles).

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