Bride of Elijah Glinnikov made an appeal to the spiteful critics

Невеста Ильи Глинникова выступила с обращением к злопыхателям
Ekaterina Nikulina asked them to leave her alone.

Glinnikov Ilya and Ekaterina Nikulina

Photo: @cat7kate Instagram Ekaterina Nikulina

Ekaterina and Ilya Nikulin Glinnikov continue to demonstrate to the public the idyll in relations. In his miracle the winner of the show “the Bachelor” issued a joint photo with the star fiancé. In the caption to the picture, the girl turned to his detractors.

“Pass by and forgive us our happiness!” — asked Catherine. It is curious that parents are constantly faced with the criticism, as many fans of the show are “sick” not for her but for the other party to — Tambu Madina and was sure of its victory.

Meanwhile, recently Ilya and Ekaterina was suspected of a secret wedding. In June Glinnikov officially made his beloved proposal of marriage, and later he came out with a ring on the ring finger of the right hand. Remembering that the pair talked about the fact that magnificently to celebrate the wedding will not be, fans have decided the marriage has already taken place.But, as it turned out, an important event in the life of Catherine and Ilya has not happened yet.