Невеста из «Давай поженимся» рассказала всю правду о шоу
Blogger from Krasnoyarsk have not met your fiance.

Невеста из «Давай поженимся» рассказала всю правду о шоу

Photo: Instagram

Many people suspect the popular show “framed”. Supposedly the participants are actors, and all actions are rehearsed in the best traditions of theatrical productions. One of the participants of the project “let’s get married” on the First channel and told how it really happens and then what happens in the end.

“I was invited to participate in the program through social networks, — tells Alain Galimova. In that moment, I came home to Krasnoyarsk, and then editor invited me to participate. Yes, I was invited themselves in social networks, but you can send a request to Instagram or on their website. All transportation costs were also paid. Because I am free girl and are in the “passive” finding a husband (that is generally discarded this stupid idea), then thought, “Why not?” As a minimum, to state this in the whole of Russia will be a big step. Moreover, it would be my first experience on television and immediately on the First channel. I was sure that at least will get positive emotions, although the risk is that I will mix with dirt, was too great.

There’s no script, the program tell the real story might be a little hyperbolizing facts. For example: I have really been in a serious relationship when the matter went to the wedding (until the sudden appearance of the baby, which I was not at that moment prepared), but no dress for the wedding I did not choose. Take only one. Stammered your problem. So when we look at the program, it seems to us that they all drank “tablet downsta”. And then just not actors, and almost everything happens online.

Photo: a frame from the transmission

About the groom. I didn’t know who it is, it does not show and it is not much to describe. I said he is perfect for me, and I him. Entrepreneur and investor, a millionaire, loves to travel and evolve, looking for a smart, motivated and suitable wife, too, lived in Bali.

Everything went well, we chose each other, but with the groom after the program, we never met. In any Sochi did not go especially. And indeed, he that night, it seems, the club began a relationship with another participant on the program (blonde) is what I nobly said. Apparently commitment isn’t his thing!”

Here such passions boil behind the scenes of one of the most popular show of the First channel. No wonder that the leading project of Larisa Guzeeva very tired from this work. By the way, recently the star said that he had invented an original way of dealing with stress and fatigue. She lies and looks “shop on the couch!” She has even accumulated a store of things she bought, but never used.