«Невеста?» Дмитрий Борисов заинтриговал фотографией с известной моделью
Fans of the leading “Let them talk” concerned about his personal life.

Photo: Instagram

About my personal life Dmitry Borisov the public is not known absolutely nothing. 32-year-old TV presenter works so hard, for themselves and the romantic attachment he’s just not enough time. So goes the official version, which adhere to the friends of Dmitry. It is a rare visitor on secular actions, and therefore the camera lenses rarely gets. A few years ago, Borisov attributed the affair with the singer Julia Savicheva, they spent much time together and even posed for photographers in an embrace. But then it turned out that young men are only friends. Julia for many years was faithful to only one man, my future (at the time) husband Alexander Arshinova.

Last year there were rumors that Dmitry broke up the family Anfisa Chekhova and Guram Bablishvili. However, then the ex-wife gave a candid interview on TV in which he said that went to other causes. However, the refutation of the novel Anfisa and Dmitry followed, but TV stars are also never seen again.

And suddenly such a success! Borisov himself has published a photo with dazzling beauty, as two drops of water similar to Uma Thurman. His fans even at first suggested that this is a Hollywood actress, but no. The mysterious stranger was known to the whole world of fashion Olga Sherer. It is one of the most popular Belarusian models, which appears on the covers of glossy magazines and went to the podium of luxury brands.

“Is this your bride?” — immediately asked subscribers. “Dmitry! Marry! It is time!”, “What a beautiful pair!”, “You’re friends or something else?”

Borisov, by the way, very reacted negatively to comments like: “deal with his personal life! Would be more useful, I assure you!” he wrote, however, at the end of angry tirades put “smiley” than softened the effect of his words.

Alas, should disappoint fans. Olga Sherer is a happy wife and a young mother. She is married to Maurizio Gabbana, a younger brother of the famous Stefano Gabbana. He worked for many years in the technical Department of the fashion house Dolce&Gabbana and photographer. By the way, just recently he presented his exhibition in Moscow. The couple has a teenage son Valerio Nicholas. With Borisov and Olga just friends.