Bride directed by Marius Weisberg chooses wedding dress

Невеста режиссера Марюса Вайсберга выбирает свадебное платье Natalia Bardo engaged in shopping in the United States. The chosen one by Marius Weisberg shared with subscribers in the social network snapshot of the dresses from the famous fashion house, reminiscent of the wedding dress.

      Невеста режиссера Марюса Вайсберга выбирает свадебное платье

      Director of the film “Love in the city” and “8 first dates” will soon change their marital status. Marius Weisberg, unimpeachable reputation as a ladies ‘ man, married to the former participant “Houses-2” Natalia Bardo. The choice deatils arts fell on the actress who was previously known as Natalia Mangletooth. Budding star managed to Shine in such series as “Chasing shadows” and “Engagement ring”.

      In the near future, the couple plans to unite their hearts. Wedding preparations in full swing. Bardo is now in the United States. In America she is actively looking for a wedding dress. On one of the last photos of the star in Instagram published possible version of how it will look in your happiest day. Dress by Lanvin at a photo very similar to a wedding dress. Although the Bardo left room for intrigue and did not specify in the comments, which he published this masterpiece of the famous fashion house.

      Невеста режиссера Марюса Вайсберга выбирает свадебное платье

      Recall, happy news about the upcoming wedding, Natalia has shared with his subscribers in the Network recently. She published a picture, which depicts a bouquet of flowers and an envelope with the caption: “My beautiful bride. Marius”. It should be noted that the hand of the actress also hit the frame. A wonderful engagement ring with an impressive diamond immediately caught the eyes of fans of the actress.

      “To be happy is to be loved… And that happiness is love! Women, appreciate those who love us and makes happy! With the spring! Be happy! Beloved, thank you for the fact that every day I Wake up and fall asleep with a smile,” – shared emotions of the Bardo.

      “Excited and happy for you. Take care of your happiness and love together,” Bardo congratulated a colleague of Maria Kozhevnikova. “Natasha, congratulations! I am very happy for you,” added the actress Yanina Studilina.

      Interestingly, at the end of last year in the press appeared information that the actress may be at an early stage of pregnancy. However, no official confirmation of the rumors about the upcoming addition of representatives from artists was received. Bardo publish their portraits in social networks, but it’s not possible to determine the position or not.

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