Brian Austin green has commented on the pregnancy of the spouse

Брайан Остин Грин прокомментировал беременность супруги

Last week a pregnant Megan Fox was news №1. In particular, everyone wondered, who is the father of the future baby, the stars of “Transformers”, after all, with her husband Brian Austin green , the actress is in the process of divorce. But it turned out that the father of the third child Megan is still her legal husband. A few hours ago Brian commented on the situation with his wife.

Star of TV series “Beverly hills 90210” has confirmed that he is the father of the baby Megan, and told that the pregnancy was a surprise for them with his wife.
“We didn’t plan the pregnancy. None of our children was not planned. It just kind of happened. So be it. For my age it’s crazy – the birth of a third child” — said a 42-year-old Brian(that laugh this Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie wood, who at 68 is preparing to become a father of twins ). Along with Fox they have two wonderful sons Noah and Bodhi.
Anyway, we’re glad that the couple tries to save their marriage and working relationship. As you may recall, Fox became the initiator of divorce. According to sources, Megan was disappointed by the behavior of Brian, the lack of support of her husband, and decided to put an end to their life together.

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