Brezhnev, Vilkova and Lee were the heroes of the new generation

Брежнева, Вилкова и Хилькевич стали кумирами нового поколения
Announced the first finalists of the National television award “high Five!”

Брежнева, Вилкова и Хилькевич стали кумирами нового поколения

Rina Arifulina

Vera Brezhneva

Photo: Elena Sukhova

April 19, the organizers of the National television award “Aus
Five!” project launched by the producer Lina arifulina with the team Live.Group — announced
the names of the finalists in each of 15 categories. Recall that in online voting
involving only students at the age of 16, and they decide who
the most talented, interesting and vibrant artist, broadcaster, blogger or athlete
among Russian stars.

The three most beloved movie stars, show business and sport was
based on an online poll of 1 million children. In the category “Favorite
actress” in the finals Vera Brezhnev, Ekaterina Vilkova Anna Khilkevich, and
finalists in the category “Favorite actor” became Danila Kozlovsky, Sergei Svetlakov
and Fyodor Bondarchuk. And among the star children gave preference to Paul Will and
Lyajsan Utyasheva, Garik Kharlamov and Christine Asmus, Evgeny Plushenko and Yana

The voting will last until 17 may inclusive. Names
winners in all categories and the main intrigue of the award — who will be the main
the idol generation and will win in the special category “I Want to be…” — will
revealed at the award ceremony in the theatre “Russia” on may 18. Channel
STS will be broadcasting the event, the leading of which will perform Dmitry
Nagiyev and Yuliya Topol’nitskiy.