Брежнева показала самое сексуальное свадебное платье

One of the sexiest women in the Russian and Ukrainian show business published in Instagram are very seductive photo, which was depicted in her wedding toilet.

Vera Brezhnev once again posed for the latest lookbook of wedding Agency VA Day, which she created together with her friend Anna. The singer is not the first time trying on a wedding dress: not so long ago, she managed to transform into a real Cinderella! However, this time Faith appeared in a much more provocative the toilet, proving that wedding dress can be far from innocent.

In pictures of Vera Brezhnev was depicted in a white dress, decorated with lace and tulle. The main highlight of the toilet was not finish, in a very sensual deep cleavage, almost completely exposing the breast model. The caption read: “When I accidentally ate a sadness”. Sad, really, the photo does not seem to: when one of the most attractive stars of show business appears in a sexy dress, for sadness exactly no reason.

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