Брежнева огорчена, что ни разу не получила музыкальную премию в Украине

Vera Brezhnev was one of the most prominent member of the group “VIA Gra”. Now Faith has retained these positions, however, now as a solo performer.

Brezhnev has repeatedly named the most attractive and sexy woman domestic show-business. Were noted and her musical talent. That’s just the Belief that not completely satisfied. Brezhneva shame that the homeland of her professional career was not marked by some kind of reward: “It’s weird. I live in Ukraine since birth. And I never have nominated. But I’m not upset. The main thing is when I come into the city, comes the audience who wants to see me, loves me, sings with me. I mean, I understand that people will recognise me. For me it’s the main thing. “

We will remind, on account Brezhneva at the moment, five Golden gramophones (in 2010 for the song love will save the world, in 2011 for the song with Petals of tears (in collaboration with Dan Balan) in 2012 for the song Real life, in 2013 for the song Good day in 2014 for the song Good morning ), prize “Presenter of the year”, the title of “Singer of the year” award World Fashion Awards, the title of “Most stylish” in Russia (magazine Hello!), the title “woman of the year” and “Best singer” on the TV channel RU.TV. In 2014, Faith acknowledged “the Wonder years” (Glamour magazine).