Brezhnev called the three products, abandoning you lose weight

Брежнева назвала три продукта, отказавшись от которых вы похудеете

The singer shares his secrets how to stay slim.

Vera Brezhnev for many – the standard of beauty. No wonder her year to recognize the sexiest and most desirable woman of our show-business. Notice, and it’s not just a man’s opinion. Many girls want to be like Brezhnev, have the same slender, having a toned body, same curves and the same charming sweet smile.

And you have the opportunity. The figure of Faith is not a gift of nature but the result of years of hard work. The singer constantly involved in sports for many years and carefully watches his diet. “Hunger strike is not for me,” I think now you. But Vera Brezhnev never said that torturing yourself with diets or starvation. On the contrary, she believes that it is sufficient to change only three eating habits to stay slim and happy. Girls, get out your notepads!

Брежнева назвала три продукта, отказавшись от которых вы похудеетеPhoto: @ververa

Product 1. Sugar

“Sugar has no useful function. During the process of refining all that is in it, washed away, – said Vera Brezhneva. — So it becomes so perfectly white. Sugar is the most delicious food for fungi. The more sugar in the diet, the more favorable the soil for the growth of fungi (why the fermentation process in the intestines, a rash on the face and skin problems). The presence of sugar in meals whets the appetite. The more sugar eaten, the more I want to eat.

Sugar – a quick carbohydrate. Almost instantly goes into calories. Habit and the desire for sweets is just brain games. The phrase “I can not without the sweet” just the excuse. I have already said more than once that our stomach still digesting, guiding us the brain, the mind. We are well fed, but while in the brain does not reach the signal, we will be there. So you can prove who is the boss, controlling your brain! Also sugar affects the slowing down of the metabolism (due to the poor performance of the intestine), worsens the condition of the skin in General, but especially the skin. The lack of sugar also affects your mood! Although we tend to think the opposite, that for good mood to eat something sweet.

How to control? To read the contents of the product/dish to packaging, if you prepare it yourself, then you know that what you put inside, if you don’t know what’s inside, better not to eat (this applies to all sweet and sweetened dishes). How can I replace the sugar, so it was nice to continue to live? Fruit (2 fruit per day) or a teaspoon of honey (syrup plant) or DRIED without sugar (in the production of many of his add, beware!). But these helpers can have either-or, as I wrote (i.e. one thing per day. And very important is their outside eating and just before 15:00″.

Брежнева назвала три продукта, отказавшись от которых вы похудеетеPhoto: @ververa

Product 2. Gluten

“This is gluten, which is found in the seeds of cereal plants, especially wheat, rye, barley. Located in the flour, and then bread, cakes, pasta, etc. For what we remove? To help the body to cleanse itself. Gluten-free it will be easier to handle! In some grasses there is no gluten? This 5 cereals: buckwheat, rice, corn grits, millet, quinoa. You can eat all of these cereals! Porridge, pancakes, bread, biscuits, crackers. Add the flour of these grains when cooked. But again – until 15:00!”

Photo: @ververa

Product 3. Carbohydrates

“We left with them (carbs), not so much: cereals, breads, fruits, vegetables! All this eat only until 15:00! After 15:00 leave the white and green vegetables (excluding potatoes), and light protein (fish, seafood, white meat poultry, eggs), nuts (no more than 10 pieces a day), legumes (peas, beans, chickpeas), soy. Why to 15:00? Imagine that our body is the sun. The sun rises in the morning, warmed up and becomes the hottest lunch and after 15:00 it is already starting to slowly fade away… and the fire within us. To 15:00 burns carbohydrates, and after – already difficult… moreover, the carbohydrates in the evening water retention, because in the morning swelling. And body, and face.

PS: If someone really wants to unload is possible to remove the alcohol, hard cheeses, yeast”.