Brezhnev and Granovsky noted the birthday of “VIA gra”

Брежнева и Грановская отметили день рождения «ВИА Гры»
The ex-soloist of the popular group met by chance in the train.

Photo: Instagram

Vera Brezhnev and Nadezhda Granovskaya seems to be the only ex-soloist of group “VIA Gra”, who remembered that the team was the whole 17 years! Another year — and adulthood!

It is interesting that in this day of Faith and Hope accidentally went in the same carriage of the same train, but in different compartments.

“VIA GRE” was 17 years old. I was part of her, she’s a part of me, says Brezhnev. — Symbolically it was the birthday of the group to meet Nadia on the train. Talked about a lot!”

Wilson, who sang in “VIA GRE” from the beginning, never forgets a festive day. In the morning she wrote in his personal blog about how much meant to her work in the team.

“My dear! the Hope to former colleagues. — Today we with you was 17!!! I want to thank fate for giving me your Love, Respect, Loyalty… For your support during the difficult periods in my Creative life, for believing in me… you Know! You have always been and will be in my heart and in my soul. Love every one of you as a whole and individually… Love!!!”

Meanwhile, all former soloist after leaving the group well settled in life. Anna Sedokova and Nadezhda Granovskaya three times already become mothers. It is interesting that both sing and design clothes. Vera Brezhnev married the producer group Konstantin Meladze and has long been developing his solo, quite successful project. Albina dzhanabaeva was married to Valery Meladze and bore him two sons.