Брежнева о беременности: за 3 года слониха могла родить!

The singer joked about the rumors about her interesting position, and said, when can we expect them shared with Konstantin Meladze child.

In the last few years everyone is talking about the pregnancy of Vera Brezhneva. Is the artist to go out in a loose dress, like the next day there were rumors about her interesting position. Fortunately, the celebrity to such news is with humor. Here and behind the scenes of the concert “song of the year – 2016” could not joke on this topic.

“I’m pregnant?!” – laughing, asked the Faith of one of their journalists and stroked her perfectly flat stomach. And then added: “I read about it for three years, during this time, the elephant could give birth. Don’t even know where those rumors come from. Free dress? Is it right should mean the pregnancy?”.

The actress said that she is always ready to become a mother for the third time.

“I have two children. And I’m not going to stop. Here to plan a pregnancy can not, – said Leonid Brezhnev. – And gossip not offending me. To my age I have learned not to react calmly. It is sad that now a lot of dirt, not only in the network. I the last time anything on the Internet do not read, especially about yourself.”

Also the celebrity admitted that he is not doing anything to look sexy.

“I believe that this is my natural state. Nothing specifically to do not. Sometimes I just stand and talk, and I said, “can less sexy?” I say, “How?”