Breasts Elena’s Bat broke the record for requests in Internet search engines

Грудь Елены Летучей побила рекорд по запросам в интернет-поисковиках
TV presenter topped the list of Russian celebrities, whose bodies concerned Network users the most.

The fate favorite stars so much fans that they
ready to “flip” the entire Internet just to learn how to live, where the rest
and with whom are at odds of their idol. Yandex has compiled a selection of popular requests
Russian TV stars and found that Internet users interested in life
celebrities most.

Грудь Елены Летучей побила рекорд по запросам в интернет-поисковиках

Elena Letuchaya

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Грудь Елены Летучей побила рекорд по запросам в интернет-поисковиках

Ivan Urgant

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Elena Letuchaya: Revizorro, personal life and body parts

The main “Revizorro” of the country, which in the post now
changed Nastasya Samburski, Yandex users literally disassembled into pieces.
Among all the TV stars from Helena Flying rolls, the frequency of requests for
the words “breast”, “legs”, “ass” and even “feet.” Also fans traditionally
interested in details of private life of the presenter (husband, wedding and kids) and details
leaving the program Revizorro.

Ivan Urgant: relatives and duets

Most fans of TV presenter is a related
Ivan’s connection. At the same time, the fans not so much interested in the wife and children of the artist, how much
the older generation of this acting dynasty — parents
celebrity actor Ivan Urgant and Valeriya Kiseleva and famous grandmother Ivana
— theater and film actress Nina Urgant. Another popular category of requests
The stars can be conditionally combined into a group “duets”. In absolute top — parody
“The ice is melting,” and the duet with Urgant Pozner: users are often looking for
the search of the old program with the presenters travel to different countries.

Грудь Елены Летучей побила рекорд по запросам в интернет-поисковиках

Maxim Galkin

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Andrey Malakhov


Maxim Galkin: children, Alla Pugacheva and castle

Often the Network looking for personal microblogging popular presenter. And
the fate of the main parodist of the Central television of Internet users
very intriguing details of marriage to Alla Pugacheva. In particular, the interest
called the age difference of the couple, their wedding and children. There was even a query: “Where Pugacheva and Galkina took the children.” Even fans of the haunted
question about the castle Galkina, which is located in the village with a picturesque name
The mud and its growth.

Andrei Malakhov: care from the First channel, children, and body

Personal life Malakhova, oddly enough, care about users
much less than the life of a professional. The most popular groups of search queries
dedicated to the details of care Malakhov from the First channel and the most scandalous
releases “Let them talk” (in particular, with Shurygino and dancing millionaire
Gianluca Vacca). To a lesser extent fans interested in the wife and son of a TV presenter.
The interest of some fans caused a leaked photo of the showman:
Yandex users wanted to see the artist naked or at least posing with