«Груди не осталось совсем!» Лукерья Ильяшенко похвасталась результатами диеты
Star of TV series “Sweet life” and “the RAID” is rapidly losing weight.

“I try to watch my figure all year round. I want to see myself in the mirror, not a fat hamster, and slim deer”

Photo: from personal archive of Lukeria Ilyashenko

The star of the series “Sweet life” lukeria Ilyashenko
was removed from my life, not only sweet, but starchy, fatty, and fried:
almost everything! 29-year-old actress “hunger strike”, sitting on a strict diet.
Fans of Luceri, which has always been a fragile girl and petite
surprised at her intention to lose weight even more. But it is no secret that if a girl
any body notice the “extra” weight, it does not stop the war
with weight, which seems excessive.

“Go through the land of our sinful nasty people
claim that diet is really useless — says the actress. — I passionately
and with all responsibility declare: not useless! Today is the seventh day of my
diet (any special rules, I just stopped to eat). I’ll report to you about
their results: there were 51 pounds of Luceri Nikolaevna, was — 48 kilograms
the same Luceri Nikolaevna. Breast left almost, apparently, all these three
pounds disappeared there, because the rest of the limb which
were, and remained. I also dramatically dulled, sugar in the blood does not flow.
Mood of cheerful, homespun truth of life to be tormented no longer enough
brains, empty head, if you hit it with something heavy — the voice
the characteristic rumble. Here. So the results are obvious!”

In an interview 7days.ru Lukerya admitted that rigid diet, in which it decided, a few days before the beginning of the summer, is not a one-time event. Ilyashenko keeps himself in line
gloves all year round.

“I’m always in
form! Try not to eat off in the winter, — says the actress. Because I like year-round wear
things that accentuate the figure. I want to see myself in the mirror, not fat
hamster and slender DOE. Besides, losing weight is much harder than to get better.
Lose weight people for weeks, months, and extra weight gain over a few days.
So I’m even on vacation I try to behave in hands. I do sports regularly. At night we go to
the ballet class. Physical activity does not have to be in the morning. From the point of view
physiology load the body physically, only four hours after
awakening, otherwise it is of no benefit. It is stressful for the heart”.