Срочная новость: Юлия Ковальчук впервые получила премию ТЭФИ
The singer shared his emotions.

Срочная новость: Юлия Ковальчук впервые получила премию ТЭФИ

Julia Kovalchuk regularly fasting days on vegetables

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Julia Kovalchuk has received the prestigious television award for his work
conversion of people who are overweight to slim and healthy. The winner of the TEFI “Best reality show” project has become the “Balanced people” of the channel STS,
which leads pop star.

Fortunately the stars have no limit. At the ceremony, Julia did not hide
joyful emotions. “We did it! — shared Kovalchuk immediately after the ceremony of awarding the honorary
prize. Here today all our sports gang, all those who wonder
helps and hurts a little bit wanting to lose weight and it will do it in the third

We will remind, the essence of the project is that project participants,
suffering from excess weight compete in weight loss and fighting for
the main prize of 3 million rubles. Show there is little more than a year, but for this
time, the program managed to win the love of viewers. Last year the project also
nominated for a TEFI, but then the team “Balanced people” went without

By the way, the TV presenter carefully watching their figure. Perfect
star shape is the result of her daily work. Kovalchuk sure
only works the separate and low-calorie food, reducing the volume of food
not some “magic” mix. “When you feel heaviness, arrange
fasting day on vegetables. Soup, stews, or grilled vegetables are
easy to live a day or two, and the result is very good, — says the singer. — I
donate blood to learn what foods I can eat and what is not”. In
the end, Kovalchuk refused
from the Bulgarian pepper, radishes, pork and almost all fruits.

Julia Kovalchuk

Photo: Instagram

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