Breakdown Kanye West stripped of his deal for a billion dollars

Нервный срыв Канье Веста лишил его сделки на миллиард долларов

Nervous breakdown American rapper and designer Kanye West was the cause of the breakdown of its deal with world-renowned sportswear brand Adidas. This is another unfortunate consequence of exhausting the nervous system.

According to the publication, RadarOnline, we are talking about billions of dollars of losses. Kanye and so have lost huge money because of the forced cancellation of his tour, and now is experiencing again.
“Kanye just bit into a new contract with Adidas, he had to give him a private showcases around the world, and it’s a chance to develop your own brand Yeezy and get a billion dollars just a few years, but for some reason, this deal never took place,” said the insider, and added that Adidas like to experiment, but a project with Kanye has outlived its usefulness, and its forced pause due to a nervous breakdown alarmed and turned away from him the administration of the brand.
“His condition is still too fragile and the problem is still not resolved,” — say, surrounded by Kanye.
Recall that in November last year, West suffered a nervous breakdown and even spent a few weeks in a specialized clinic, where he adjusted his mental health. The cause of the crisis was the robbery of his wife Kim Kardashian, which took place in early September 2016. Due to the shock of the wife withdrew into myself and was in depression and the Kanye this experience was difficult. In the end — emotional tension and the cancellation of the planned entailing payment of a penalty to the organizers because the event was not defined as insurance.