“Break through, the Opera”: what happened to the characters of the series “Streets of broken lamps”

«Прорвемся, опера»:  как сложились судьбы героев сериала «Улицы разбитых фонарей» In January next year will mark twenty years since the release of the legendary movie. Interest in the series has not waned to this day. Rumor has it, the plans of the producers, the release of the new part.
«Прорвемся, опера»:  как сложились судьбы героев сериала «Улицы разбитых фонарей»

The premiere of the pilot of the series “Streets of broken lights” in early 1998, made a splash among viewers, and the picture on the work of the St. Petersburg criminal investigation Department immediately became a hit. Here there is all: perfect work of the actors, the music, the suspense. Starring actors who after the first series, “woke up famous” Alexey Nilov (Larin Andrey), Sergei Selin (Anatoly Dukalis), Alexander Lykov (Vladimir Kazantsev, nicknamed “Casanova”), Yuri Kuznetsov (Yuriy Petrenko, known as “fly Agaric”), Alexander Polovtsev (Oleg Solovetskii), Mikhail Trukhin (Volkov Vyacheslav) and Anastasia Melnikova (Abdulov, Anastasia).

“StarHit” learned the fate of the actors of serial Thriller, which became national favorites.

Alexey Nilov

«Прорвемся, опера»:  как сложились судьбы героев сериала «Улицы разбитых фонарей»

The executor of a role of captain Larin, 54-year-old Alexey Nilov over the past few years have revised their priorities in life. During the first five seasons, the fans always heard about the turbulent life of actor: fleeting romances, the scandalous stories of divorce go in binges and other unpleasant details walked all the tabloids.

Alexey Nilov refuses to accept son in his house

“All the years we drank on the set, and everything was wonderful” – he admitted in one interview.

As a result of his addictions a few times endured clinical death. The last time such an attack occurred on the eve of the coming 2007. The doctors pumped him eleven days. Since then things have changed. Alex quit drinking and came to faith in God. He is a parishioner of Saint Sophia Cathedral in Tsarskoe Selo. There’s also the actor got married with his third wife, Elena. Alex continues to act in TV series, directs the “N-theatre”.

Sergey Selin

«Прорвемся, опера»:  как сложились судьбы героев сериала «Улицы разбитых фонарей»

The executor of a role of Anatoly Dukalis, 56 – year-old Sergey Selin enjoys life with family. The actor spends a lot of time with their young children – Masha and the Makar – happy travels around the country and Europe. Suzdal, Sochi, Tenerife, Paris – actor opens the world to itself and seeks to expand the horizons of my son and daughter. Thanks to the actor’s work in the cult TV series “Streets of broken lamps”, “stopping power”, “Bros” and other roles, he sees that “I earned what I wanted to earn some freedom, some independence”. Sergei is the head of the film company “Venus Movie” and television “Venus TV”.

Sergey Selin: “I have to live at least another 40 years!”

In his interviews the actor has always stressed that now it is very important to be with family.

“Today I have things to do, businesses that support me and I have enough so I can go to the Canary Islands for a long time, to show children the world – shared Celine in an interview with reporters. It’s interesting when you start to play with children, watch them grow on your eyes.”

With colleagues on the series – Alexei Nilavum, Yuri Kuznetsov, Alexander by Polovtseva, – Sergey Selin maintains friendly relations. The actor admitted that with pleasure would agree to work with them in the sequel.

Mikhail Trukhin

«Прорвемся, опера»:  как сложились судьбы героев сериала «Улицы разбитых фонарей»

The actor starred in seasons from 1998 to 2014. It Tegeler Vyacheslav Volkov over the years was promoted from Lieutenant to major General, becoming chief of the homicide. A few years ago, Mikhail Trukhin moved to Moscow, works at Theatre of the Moscow art theatre named after Chekhov.

45-year-old actor is happy in a second marriage with his young wife Anna, also an actress. The couple has a daughter, Sonia. Michael also maintains a warm relationship with her daughter Dasha and son Egor from his first marriage who live in Saint-Petersburg. While the actor starred in the TV series, they saw each other regularly, because the shooting took place in the city on the Neva. Children are proud of their father. “In our profession a lot of difficulties, but the actors live a bright, rich life — so what-what, and no routine. My kids like this profession, they choose it or not, I don’t know,” admitted Mikhail Trukhin in an interview. The actor has toured extensively, working in film and theater. And in his spare time travels, what colorfully tells fans on his page in Instagram.

Alexander Lykov

«Прорвемся, опера»:  как сложились судьбы героев сериала «Улицы разбитых фонарей»

The role of the major Kazantsev, nicknamed Casanova was remembered to fans of the series for the first season. Debuting in the movies in 1989, Alexander continues to appear. In his “track record” of more than 50 films. Among them, such as “the 9th company”, “Turkish gambit”, “high security Vacation”, “the Three Musketeers”, “46 Leningrad” and others. In 2002 he participated in a Russian reality show “the Last hero 3: Staying alive”.

55-year-old actor is happy in his first and only marriage with his wife Alla, with whom he lived for more than 30 years.

“One day I suddenly realized that the woman was married should be one for life. Wife – my angel-the Keeper” – the actor shared the secrets of strong families.

The couple adult children: daughter Catherine and son Matthew, who lives in Paris.

Alexander Polovtsev

«Прорвемся, опера»:  как сложились судьбы героев сериала «Улицы разбитых фонарей»

Role of Oleg Solovetskii, 59-year-old actor Alexander Polovtsev can be called a “survivor” series. He appeared in all 16 seasons since the inception of the series in 1998году present. It Tegeler did a good career during this time: from major to Colonel! The life of an actor is also not standing still. In his interview with the actor reluctantly tells about his personal life, about their experiences of alcohol dependence, about his father’s death, about the difficult relationships with ex-wives. But despite all the odds, Alexander still lives in his native St. Petersburg. From July 2017, the actor is the host of TV show “Motive” at the St. Petersburg channel five. Alexander is happy in his third marriage with the beautiful Asanas (Alexandra). The couple are raising two children-pogodak: son Andrew (born in 2016) and daughter Jana (born in 2017). “I am immensely pleased and proud to have made himself a gift to their pensions,” optimistically said the actor in an interview.

Anastasia Melnikova

«Прорвемся, опера»:  как сложились судьбы героев сериала «Улицы разбитых фонарей»

The actress participated in the shooting of the first five seasons of the series. Her character is charming Anastasia Abdulov, was remembered by fans of the series a clear mind and unbiased judgment. After divorce with the first husband, by Vyacheslav Telnova (now — General Director of JSC “Lenfilm) Anastasia almost 20 years he devoted himself to the work, creativity, and education of his daughter Masha. In 2003 and 2006, the actress participated in the filming of the TV show “Fort Boyard”.

Since 2011 she is a member of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg. According to the actress, because of her daughter she was in no hurry to remarry. In its 80-metre living room Anastasia has been traditionally organized new year celebrations for Mary and her friends. A collection of toy bears daughter stars exceeded 150 copies. Finally, in January 2017, the actress decided to accept the offer of the elect Sergey. The star of “Cops” Anastasia Melnikova secretly married

The pair played a modest wedding in St. Petersburg. To reveal details of his family life Anastasia Melnikova in no hurry.

Oskar Kuchera

«Прорвемся, опера»:  как сложились судьбы героев сериала «Улицы разбитых фонарей»

Oscar – in the role of police Lieutenant (and later, a police captain) Cyril E. Porohy, the employee’s “homicide”. The actor was involved in 14 seasons of the series. In parallel with the work in the series, Oscar plays in the theatre, voiced the cartoons, is the leading concerts, awards, shows & TV: “Top Gear. Russian version”, “Culinary duel”, “Surprise me”, “the Stars aligned” and many others. In addition, the Oscar – soloist and the author of all songs of the musical group “the Coachman”. Oscar always keeps himself in great physical shape: he is a candidate master of sports in athletics, was fond of snowboarding, wakeboarding, scuba diving, skydiving, regularly visits the gym, and at night he plays hockey.

With such a creative and physical activity is a 43-year-old actor is still enough time NAA personal life and family. For 10 years, the actor is officially the third marriage. His wife Julia is a successful businesswoman and interior designer. The couple has sons Alexander, Daniel, and daughter Alicia.

Yuri Kuznetsov

The role of the Colonel Petrenko nicknamed the Mushroom in September, it was 71. In addition to the five seasons of the series “Streets of broken lamps” Yuri Kuznetsov starred in the television series “Opera. Chronicles of lethal Department” and “Foundry, 4”.

“The mushroom quite well supported: for loyalty to the series NTV a few years ago gave me an apartment,” – said the actor in an interview.

However, as a result of disagreements with the management, the artist participated in the filming only one season of the TV series “Foundry, 4”. Recently, the actor is removed, but, unfortunately, not as often as I would like. On account of the actor’s many other roles in movies and on TV. Yuri Kuznetsov starred in such films as “Optimists”, “Prank”, “King”, “Wonderland” and others. He especially highlights the role of Marmeladov in the film adaptation of the novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky’s “Crime and punishment”. Yuri suffered a hard death from a stroke of his beloved wife Irene, with whom he lived for more than 20 years. Today, the meaning of life – his youngest daughter, Sasha. He also maintained good relations with the eldest daughter Natasha from his first marriage.