Break a leg Tom cruise reappeared on the set

Сломавший ногу Том Круз вновь появился на съемочной площадке
Actor early started to work.

Tom Cruise


The members of the crew already
the eighth of the franchise “Mission impossible” met appeared on the court Tom
Cruz applause. The reason for this friendly meeting was the fact that,
in August broke a leg, when he performed a difficult trick, for the first time went to work. And
he did it early — at least two weeks earlier, that is not 9 weeks, as was originally announced, but only by 7.

That looked pretty good, wouldn’t it
it is noticeable that he still limps. Fortunately, his first after illness working day
55-year-old Cruz didn’t have to do any mind-blowing tricks. First, Tom
carrier frame a huge truck, and then moved to the helicopter. Although the helicopter was
not real, but dummy, mounted on a movable platform, That looked in
the cockpit is quite plausible. No wonder he really knows how
control and helicopter and plane, and has the appropriate license.

However, in the future
the creators of the series are unlikely to completely release the crews from the physical
loads. After all, when the team started filming, the representative of the
Media Studio Skydance David Ellison stated that this film will be
filled with stunts even more than all the previous ones. Moreover, he hinted that
one of the tricks that are to be performed
actor, shake the imagination of the audience. “It will be something absolutely incredible
steeper than anything That was ever done!” he said. And added that the actor
I trained for this whole year.
However, before Cruz can demonstrate the result of their
workout, he has yet to completely restore the form.

However, That certainly with
all will be fine. No wonder his idol, whom he always sought to imitate is
Jackie Chan, known for his fearlessness and ability to recover from the worst injuries.