The main event was their charity evening.

Naturally, the organizers were directors of the Brant School of Music, Daniil and Julia Brant.

Participating in the popular show “The Voice,” Daniil and Yulia captivated millions of television viewers with their voices and harmonious union, but they are not only vocalists, but also mentors, creators of their own unique school.

Their work in the field of music education has been repeatedly awarded with prestigious awards – Yulia is a member of the Russian Academy of Voice, a laureate of the President of Russia Award, and Daniil works not only as a teacher, but also as an organizer of events and is confidently included in the TOP 100 best presenters in the country.< p>

And now the “Brant School of Music” held a large charity reporting concert, where the participants were the winners of the TV projects “VOICE” and “VOICE-Children”: Victoria Solomakhina, Adeliya Zagrebina, Anna Dorovskaya, Sofia Fedorova.

But the most important thing is that the organizers decided to draw public attention to children who especially need help, and therefore the spectators were the wards of various charitable foundations, as well as children from orphanages who had just found new families.

In addition to musical numbers, guests of the concert were treated to an animated program from the children's party agency Lobacheva Project, an incendiary tango from the general partner of the concert, dance studio ADORNOS, and gifts from Santa Claus, which were kindly provided by: Libertad Chocolate Trading House; brand of goods for children's creativity “Kalyaka-Malyaka”; stationery brand LOREX; jewelry chain SUNLIGHT; household chemicals for the home Meine Liebe; handmade candles Candles ANT; jewelry made from natural stones PEREVALOVA jewelry; Russian manufacturer of confectionery products in the Candy&Toys category “Confitrade”; baby water from Lake Baikal “Baikalchik”; cosmetic company MIRRA.

So, “Brant School of Music” is a real cultural center, where true love for music is revealed and stars are born.

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