Brandon stone: “Daughter forced me to participate in “the Voice”

Брендон Стоун: «Дочь заставила меня участвовать в «Голосе» The actor specially flew in from Germany to appear on the stage of the popular project. Brandon stone is grateful to the family that supports him on the program. The singer admitted that it is thinking about how to stay in Russia forever.

Brandon stone became famous in Russia after taking part in the contest “New wave” in 2005. Then the artist took fourth place, losing to Intars Busulis, Tina Karol and Polina Gagarina. That gave his musical career a new impetus, but it became popular as a composer. The musician began to collaborate with many stars of domestic show-business, including Ani Lorak, Lada Dens, Emin. He is also known thanks to the duet with Vic and the song “She”.

But this year the artist decided to try their hand at the project “the Voice”.

“The daughter dared me to do this step, she’s a big fan of the program. She had asked why I was not involved. It got me thinking, why not? Applied to casting, the queue defended and how it all passed all stages of selection,” said Brandon “StarHit”.

The actor admits that he has many friends and acquaintances in the music industry. However, Brendon did not use the ties to avoid hours of waiting before you stand before the jury. According to stone, he was one of the last who came on the scene.

For many years Brandon lives in Germany. However, after the success of “New wave”, when he got job offers from Russia, he began to spend more time in the capital. Now the actor plans to move his family from Berlin to Moscow.

“My wife and daughter fly to the shooting, to support me. Now I live in two countries. Family most of the time in Germany, the daughter of school. But I think that soon we will finally move to Moscow. I’m drawn here, there is a lot going on. Before I was not disturbed by frequent flights, but I always miss the kids. Son is only a year and a half, I want to see him more often. I think it’s time to move,” – says the participant of the project of the First channel.

Brandon stone also participated in the German version of “the Voice”. He felt the difference in attitude of artists in Russia and abroad. “There’s a very different taste of music. I had the best mentor. But we were not allowed to sing what you like – we picked up the composition. I had to sing all the time in German and I wanted English. Now we together with the mentor to discuss and come to a common decision,” shared Brandon.

The musician perceives the show “the Voice” as an opportunity to Express themselves. After the “New wave,” he encourages all young artists to use any chance to go on stage. Brandon admits that only recently decided to position itself not only as a composer but also as singer. The artist wants to perform on the stage of “the Voice” a composition of his own, and hopes that if you pass the next stage, ask Leonid Agutin to give him the opportunity.

The singer told the story of the origin of the alias “Brandon stone”. Actually the artist name is Besik, Chitishvili. “I joke that the nephew of Sharon stone! Always wanted to be in America and not even thought once of returning to Russia. The alias we came up with in cooperation with the German producers, we often flew to America, recorded. It was necessary to find a name that resonates with mine and very memorable,” shared the actor.

Also Brandon was friends with a famous satirist Mikhail Zadornov. He admitted that the death of the comedian became for it strong blow. The singer supports a family Zadornov still. “We communicate with his wife and daughter, I’m always here – open up the musician. For me this tragedy was a shock, I can’t imagine how they felt. But they know I always support and I will be next”.